Frooze Balls

Eat Clean. Live Wilder.

As with many successful ideas, the copycats descended on the market with all manner of highly processed, cynical lookalikes that maintains the calories but denatures the ingredients. This made Frooze Balls even more special, maintaining their integrity by

LIVE WILDER with Frooze Balls

Frooze Balls are the ultimate plant powered snack!  They are made solely from fruit and nuts, are raw, preservative free, dairy-free, GMO-free and contain no refined sugar. They are the ideal energy boost for active people, as recovery fuel while training, or even as a yummy little morsel with your morning tea. And Frooze Balls are committed to ensuring these healthy snacks are not just good for you, but they are delicious also!

New Zealand's ORIGINAL Energy Balls!

Frooze Balls (or “bliss balls” back then) were first created by Jeremy Dixon for clients in our bustling Revive Cafes. Very soon, word was out about how yummy and healthy they were and our Revive team just could not keep up with all the mixing, rolling and dipping!  Jeremy's good mate Phil, a whiz-kid engineer, put his thinking cap on and created the world's first Frooze Balls machine.  Now Jeremy could share his Frooze Balls with all of New Zealand and they rapidly became the Number 1 selling healthy snack in the 'Land of the Long White Cloud'.

LIVE WILDER...go nuts with our Frooze Balls NUT BUTTER range!

Just when you thought OUR healthy Frooze Balls couldn’t get any tastier, along comes delicious new NUT BUTTER Frooze Balls with three decadent, mouth-watering flavours oozing with our own Revive Cafe creamy peanut butter centre!

Frooze Balls...the ultimate plant powered snack

All natural, all healthy, all delicious