Jobs at Revive

We are often looking for great people to work at Revive!

Thank you for your interest in working at Revive.  Revive currently employs 7 full time staff and 7 part time staff across our 2 locations and our kitchen. 

Benefits of working for Revive:

  1. Preparing and serving geniunely healthy food and enhancing peoples wellbeing.   We have high quality food principles and do not serve meat, deep fry, coffee or alcohol.
  2. We foster a great fun work environment and only employ friendly people who love their jobs.   We do not tolerate grumpy people or swearing (unlike most hospitality outlets).  It is a fast paced work environment which the right people thrive on.
  3. Our customers are generally healthy happy people so most customer interactions are excellent and we encourage staff to build relationships with our customers.
  4. Except for one prep position there is no working weekends!  You have this time free to spend with your friends and familiy.   Also virtually all of our shifts are fixed and regular so there is certainty of your time required and weekly wages.

Application Process:

If you are interested in applying for the above position/s please e-mail your details and/or CV to  In your e-mail please also state the following:

  1. A brief statement about your current life situation eg. "I am a kiwi student living in an apartment in Parnell, studying engineering and would like a part time job to help pay for my living costs"
  2. Are you a NZ citizen, if not what visa are you on, what conditions does it have and when does it expire
  3. Any experience you have had in hospitality
  4. Why you think you would be ideal for the position

If we think you are suitable we will short list you and ask you to come for a 2 hour on the job trial to further assess your suitability and so you can check that you enjoy the position.   Please note you must currently be in NZ to apply as we require all potential staff to undergo a work trial.

We will get back to you within a week (usually sooner) and let you know the outcome.  If we offer you the position and you accept we will send you an employment agreement to read and sign, along with a 1 hour training DVD to watch and other employment documentation.

Please note that we get many applications and do not respond to every one.   If we do not respond to your application you were not shortlisted for the position and your application was unsuccessful, however do feel free to apply for other positions as you could still be suitable.

Important things to know about working at Revive:

  1. All positions start on a 90 day trial basis.
  2. Revive can only employ people with the legal right to work in New Zealand.  Sorry no cash under the table jobs available.
  3. If you are on a student or working holiday visa you need to work within the conditions of your visa (eg. 1 employer, 20 hours per week) so please check the job details are suitable for your visa.
  4. We have a preference for people who can work 6 months or more - the longer the better.
  5. Revive's pay rates are set to be around the average of the annual Restaurant Association pay rates.   On top of this we offer great staff meal deals, no weekend work, guaranteed shift times and an excellent working environment.
  6. We expect a dedication to quality, timeliness and great customer service.  If you work for Revive you are expected to turn up early to each shift and always be in a great mood.  If you are a grumpy and/or a person that struggles to be on time, please do not apply as you will cause disruption with the rest of the team.


* Salad Prep Chef - Full time - Sunday to Thursday 9am - 5pm

Please follow process above to apply.