All day breakfast on the go

Try Revive Bites for the quickest yummiest breakfast on the run!

Healthy, tasty and full of oats!

Inspired by Revive Cafes, Revive Bites are made with all natural whole-food ingredients including the goodness of oats, are filled with our own creamy peanut butter and contain the energy, protein and fibre of a bowl of muesli and milk!

Unbelievable taste and texture!!!

On the outside you have the power and lasting energy of oats!

In the inside you have the deliciousness, creaminess and protein of peanut butter!

This is the ultimate combination to make the most awesome tasting breakfast on the go!

Delicious 'DASH'board Dining...

We surveyed 1740 kiwis about their commuting habits in the last year and discovered that 73% of people have eaten or drunk while driving...predominantly due to lack of time.

We all want to spend an extra 10 minutes in bed every morning, and most of us have time-saving tricks so we can. Some have considered, and even tried, to eat their cereal while driving to work!  And many have opted for a smoothie en route to save time, inevitably spilling it through their car or all down their clean shirt.

THE SOLUTION: Revive Bites...the delicious, convenient, spillage free breakfast on the go...

Give yourself that 5 extra minutes in bed...Revive Bites, the perfect breakfast for your morning commute...

In the car

On the bus

On the train

On the bike