Busy Life Christmas Gift Box (9 items)

A lovely gift combination of our most popular products!

  • Revive Toasted Muesli 700g
  • Revive Raspberry Toasted Muesli 600g
  • Revive Super 10 Nut Butter 400g
  • Revive Cashew Butter 200g
  • Frooze Balls Feijoa 224g (16 balls)
  • Frooze Balls Passionfruit 224g (16 balls) 
  • Frooze Balls Mango Madness 70g (5 balls)
  • The Good Bite Hemp & Raspberry 70g (5 balls)
  • The Good Bite Hemp & Choc Peanut 70g (5 balls)

Vegan, Preservative Free and Wholefood
Note: is gluten free except for the oats in the muesli
Packaging: Compostable, #5 recyclable, #7 soft plastics

Note Christmas decorations not included :)

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