Nut Butters Lovers Box (8 items)

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Freshly made, super delicious and awesome!
Comes in a lovely black gift box.

  • 1 x Revive Hempalicious (Peanut & Hemp) Nut Butter 400g
  • 1 x Revive Super 10 Nut Butter 400g
  • 1 x Revive Cashew Butter 200g
  • 1 x Revive Choc Hazelnut Spread 250g
  • 1 x Revive Hazelnut Butter 200g
  • 1 x Revive Almond Butter 200g 
  • 2 x Revive Peanut Butter 400g

Vegan, Preservative Free and Wholefood

Packaging: #5 recyclable
Note box combination changed to include Hempalicious & Choc Hazelnut.
Box is the same price as if you purchased items individually.

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