Flavour Booster 4 Pack

4 of our amazing flavour boosters.
Delivered in compostable containers!

Turkish Dukkah 120g
Ingredients: almonds, cashews, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, sesame seeds, coconut oil

Palmeshew Sprinkle 120g
This is an awesome vegan parmesan cheese alternative. Use on pizzas
Ingredients: cashews, nutrional yeast

3C Glitter 120g
This is the mix we use with our amazing 4C carrot salad (carrot, cashew, coconut, coriander). Without the carrots. And it works everywhere on any salad.  Just sprinkle over any salad for instant flavour and texture.
Ingredients: Cashews, coriander, rice bran oil, coconut, Himalayan salt.

Bang Bang Revive Stock Powder  140g
This is a chicken-like stock powder that adds amazing flavour to almost any dish. Add it to tofu, soups, curries, salads or mix 1 tablespoon of stock and 1 cup of water for an amazing liquid stock.
Ingredients: Nutritional Yeast, Turmeric, Coconut Sugar, Paprika, Onion Powder, Celery Powder, Rice Flour, Salt