Revive Cafe Menu 30th Nov - 4th Dec 2020


Salad Box

Small $9.00 (2 choices) | Regular $13.00 (3 choices) | Large $15.00 (4 choices)

 Red Quinoa w Mango, Spring Onion, Edamame Beans & Rocket w Orange & Ginger Dressing

 Revive Dorf salad w Apples, Celery, Spinach & Aioli

 Cauliflower Rice w Carrot, Sun-dried Tomato Herbs w Portland Dressing

 Summer Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion w Vinaigrette

 Pacifica Slaw w Coconut, Carrots & Lemon Dressing

 Mediterranean Cos, Tofu Feta & Courgette Salad w Peanuts

 NEW Roasted Freekeh w Broad Beans, Rocket, Red Onions, Asparagus w Pomegranate Dressing (G)

 German Potatoes w Capers, Gherkins & Tofu Mayo


Complimentary Topping: Thai Peanut Hummus

Hot Box

Small $9.00 (hot) | Regular $13.00 (hot + 1 salad) | Large $15.00 (hot + 2 salads)
hot = meal, hotpot & rice

Monday 30th
Special of The Day:
Baby Got No Beef Burrito W Charred Corn Salsa (G)
Hotpot 1:  French Bean Cassoulet w Red Beans & Kumara w Brown Rice
Hotpot 2: Spanish Black Eye Beans W Roast Pumpkin w Brown Rice
Soup: Mushroom & Thyme

Tuesday 1st
Special of The Day:
Curried Kumara & Cashew Cheddar Cake w Corn, Peppers and Caramelised Onion w Marsala Sauce
Hotpot 1:  Indonesian Sayur Lodeh w Tofu, Kumara & Green Beans w Brown Rice
Hotpot 2: Savory Mushroom Mince Bolognaise w Brown Rice
Soup: Hearty Legume

Wednesday 2nd
Special of The Day: Middle Eastern Cannelloni w Chickpeas, Pumpkin & Cashew Cheddar (G)
Hotpot 1: ‚ÄúNot‚ÄĚ Butter Chicken w Tofu and Carrots w Brown Rice
NEW Hotpot 2: Roasted Cauliflower and Turmeric Chana Dahl w Brown Rice
Soup: Carrot & Parsnip and Ginger

Thursday 3rd
Special of The Day: Asian Meatless Balls serve w Green Coconut Sauce (G)
NEW Hotpot 1: Coconut, Spinach and Beetroot Red Lentils w Brown Rice
Hotpot 2:  Tuscan 3 Bean Casserole w Pumpkin w Brown Rice
Soup: Peas & Broccoli                    

Friday 4th
Special of The Day:
Mushroom Risotto Cake w Tomato Sauce
Hotpot 1: Tom Yum Hotpot w Tofu, Peppers & Mushrooms w Brown Rice
Hotpot 2: Indonesian Red Lentil Satay w Green Beans w Brown Rice
Soup: Coconut & Ginger and Chickpea


Tiramisu (G)

Cacao, Pistachio & Hazelnut Slice

Coconut & Vanilla Mousse


Berry Lean w Apple, Banana, Berries
Tropical Mojito w Apple Juice, Spinach, Pineapple, Mint, Lime 

All items are Vegan (no meat, dairy, eggs, fish are used on the premises)

Most food items do not have gluten, oat or wheat ingredients, except for items marked (G)

While we take great care, all food items may contain traces of soy, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, wheat, gluten.

Some salads and meals may not always be available or change on the day.