Revive Cafe Menu - 20th - 24th February 2017


Breakfast Menu (NEW) 7am-10am


Blueberry Chia Pudding
Birchur Muesli
Revive Toasted Muesli
Tofu Yogurt
Strawberry Couli
Fresh Fruit
Apple Seedy Porridge (hot)


Boston Beans
Thai Scrambled Tofu
Sweet Potato Roasties
Mushroom Frittata w Potato & Feta ( Changes Weekly) 

Small Box $8 
Regular Box $12 
Large Box $14 
Split any Regular or Large Box into 2 smaller boxes for sweet and savoury.

LUNCH & DINNER MENU 10.30am-7pm (Friday till 4pm)

Salad Bar - Changes Weekly 

Italian Cous Cous w Olives, Peppers and Lemon Dressing (V)
NEW Watercress Mingle w Tomato, Peppers, Avocado w Maple & Lime Splash (GV)
Cos Caesar w Feta & Wholemeal Croutons
NEW Summer Wholemeal Penne Pasta Salad w Avocado, Cherry Tomato & Pesto (V)
Balsamic Lentils w Beetroot, Peppers and Balsamic Splash (GV)
NEW Bright Butter Bean w Cherry Tomato, Celery, Peppers & Orange Dressing (GV)
Broccoli & Cranberry Crunch w Cashew & Lime Aioli (GV)
NEW Middle Eastern Slaw w Peanuts, Carrots & Moroccan Dressing (GV)
German Potatoes w Capers, Gherkins & Cashew Aioli (GV

Small Box $8 (2 choices)
Regular Box $12 (3 choices)
Large Box $14 (4 choices)

All with complimentry Hummus - Original or NEW Smokey Red Bean

Hot Meals - Changes Weekly


Spinach Frittata w Roast Potato, Feta & Free Range Eggs served w Revive Relish (G)

Meal of the Day: Pumpkin Filo Parcels w Feta & Cranberries
Hotpot 1:  Lebanese Creamy Bean Stew on Brown Rice (GV)
Hotpot 2: Sweet & Sour Tofu w Mushroom & Carrots on Brown Rice (GV)

Meal of the Day: Middle Eastern Lasagne w Tofu, Spinach & Chickpeas (V)
Hotpot 1:  Ratatouille w Courgette & Roasted Eggplant & Kidney Beans on Brown Rice (GV)
Hotpot 2:  Mushroom Bahji w Red Lentils on Brown Rice (GV)

Meal of the Day: Vegetable Samosas w Carrot, Tofu & Potato (V)
Hotpot 1:  Spanish Black Eye Beans w Roast Potato on Brown Rice (GV)
Hotpot 2: Thai Peanut Satay w Tofu on Brown Rice (GV)

NEW Meal of the Day: Neat Loaf w Feta
Hotpot 1:  Indian Vindaloo w Spinach & Chickpeas & Potato on Brown Rice (GV)
Hotpot 2: Creamy French Lentils w Mushroom & Kale on Brown Rice (GV

Meal of the Day: Cashew & Cranberry Roast w Caramelized Onion & Pumpkin (V)
Hotpot 1:Italian White Bean Casserole w Roast Pumpkin & Spinach on Brown Rice on Brown Rice (GV)
Hotpot 2: Indian Curried Green Lentil Stew w Mushroom on Brown Rice (GV)

Small Box $8
Regular Box $12 with 1 salad
Large Box $14 with 2 salads

$6 SMOOTHIES! Or $4 COMBO (with any box purchases)

FRESH FRUIT SALAD: Orange Juice, Melon, Pineapple
BOYSENBERRY & CASHEW: Boysenberry, Banana, Cashew Milk, Honey



V=Total Vegetarian (no eggs or dairy)
G=Gluten Free