Revive Cafe is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 shutdown ☹️

We change our menu ever week. Here is a sample of what our menu looks like so you can come back when we re-open

Salad Box

Small $9.00 (2 choices) | Regular $13.00 (3 choices) | Large $15.00 (4 choices)

Bulgur Salad  w Grated Pumpkin, Beetroot, Spring Onion & Sweet  Mustard (G)

Vietnamese Coleslaw w Peanuts, Mint & Lime Dressing

Thai Satay Rice Noodles w Tofu, Peppers & Carrots

Cos Caesar w Crumbled Tofu Feta & Wholemeal Croutons w Revive Aioli (G) (optional)

Summer Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion w Vinaigrette

Chermoula Leek Rice w Peppers & Corn

Vietnamese "Not Chicken" Mingle w Jackfruit, Edamame Bean, Spinach & Chili Lime Dressing

Spanish Potatoes w Peppers, Spring Onion

Complimentary Topping: Lemony Spinach Hummus


Hot Box

Small $9.00 (hot) | Regular $13.00 (hot + 1 salad) | Large $15.00 (hot + 2 salads)
hot = meal, hotpot & rice

NEW Special Of The Day: Creamy Mac & “Not” Cheese
Hotpot 1: Very Green Dahl w Courgette and Kale w Brown Rice
Hotpot 2: Indonesian Satay w Chickpea w Brown Rice

Special Of The Day
Veggie CHKN Lasagna w Mushrooms (G)
Hotpot 1: Coconut Braised Chickpeas w Sun dried Tomato & Spinach w Brown Rice
Hotpot 2 Thai Pumpkin Curry w Tofu, Spinach & Ginger Brown Rice

Special Of The Day Vegetable Samosas w Carrot, Tofu & Potato (G)
Hotpot 1:  Curried Poppy Seed & Pumpkin Dahl W Brown Rice
Hotpot 2:  Roasted Jackfruit & Potato Masala W Brown Rice

Special Of The Day: Baby Got No Beef Burrito w Charred Corn Salsa (G)
Hotpot 1: Kale & Green Bean Dahl W Brown Rice
Hotpot 2: Katsu Curry w Tofu & Soy Beans W Brown Rice

Special Of The Day
Greek Potato & Cashew Cheddar Cheese Cakes w Sundried Tomato
Hotpot 1: Aloo Keema Veggie Mince w Potatoes W Brown Rice
Hotpot 2: Indian Curried Green Lentil Stew w Mushroom W Brown Rice


Lemon Ginger Slice
Peanut Butter Brownie
Pear and Cinnamon Oat Slice (G)


Creamy Raspberry – W Cashew Milk, Banana
Energizer – w OJ & Strawberry


All items are Vegan (no meat, dairy, eggs, fish are used on the premises)

Most food items do not have gluten, oat or wheat ingredients, except for items marked (G)

While we take great care, all food items may contain traces of soy, gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, wheat, gluten.

Some salads and meals may not always be available or change on the day.