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How Green is Revive?

We not only care for your amazing body but our beautiful earth too.

We are on a journey to get our products as green as possible and we think we are making awesome progress.

CAFE COMPOSTABLE. In the cafes we use only compostable bowls, cups and cutlery. We also arrange daily compostable rubbish service so all food scraps, waste and disposables are composted.

GROCERY COMPOSTABLE & RECYCLABLE. The cate ingredients you purchase are all in compostable containers. The nut butters are currently in recyclable/reusable pottles. The Mueslis are in soft plastics.

VEGAN. By eating plant powered food you are making the biggest positive impact on the environment as plant based food uses significantly less water and land to produce. If the world went vegan for just 1 day a week, all our world food problems would be solved virtually overnight.

RECYCLABLE. Our Frooze Balls & Revive Bites pottles are #5 recyclable and also reusable.

FROOZE BALLS BAGS. Currently these can only be recycled through soft plastic recycling available at most supermarkets. We are working towards a greener option in the near future.

We have a number of projects to continue improve our packaging in the future.


Watch Revive Cafe founder Jeremy Dixon cook a cafe-quality vegan meal in just 30 minutes!  Watch the series on youtube or buy the Cook:30 cookbooks.

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Plant Powered Fundraising

Fundraise with Alive Fundraising!  You can sell Frooze Balls and cookbooks and make great margins!!!  Sell online or have product direct delivered. Signup now and be fundraising in 5 minutes!

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Plant Powered Energy Balls

Created in the cafes, these are delicious plant powered energy balls.  Available from supermarkets, health stores and direct delivery!

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