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Cook like you are at Revive Cafe!

Awesome cookbooks. Healthy & Easy. Limited time special deal on the whole set!

Catering Platters now available!

Only $10+GST per person! Easy, healthy catering for delivery in Auckland. Just order 1 platter for every 4 people you have!

Watch Jeremy on Cook:30

50 Episodes. Cook a meal for your family in just 30! Hope Channel NZ Sky 204, Freeview 27. Sun 9am, Tue 5:30pm, Thu 7:00pm


3 Flavours - Turmeric, Chai, Cacao

No Processed Ingredients!

Instead of sugar we use date puree. We do not use white flour. Instead of flavour enhancers we use healthy herbs and spices. We cook with coconut oil!

Our Amazing Salad Bar

Each week a changing selection of 9 different salads. Salads like you have never had before.

Our Warming Hotpots!

Wonderful curries, stews, dahls and casseroles. Served on brown rice and salads!

Our Biodegradable Packaging!

All our packaging is made from rice or corn and is compostable. Great for our planet!

Jeremy Dixon


It is a real pleasure being the butt of my Vegetarian friends jokes now when I tell them I've dined at Revive! All those years of being afraid of Vege's and now I know what all the fuss is about -Thanks Revive!!!


Revive has the largest selection of adventurous fresh salads and savoury dishes, and offers a relaxing haven to enjoy them.


My partner and I always enjoy each and every dish we order, and both feel that it is just enough food to be filling without feeling over-full. Overall, a very satisfying experience!




Himalayan Salt

We only use this pink salt that contains over 60 minerals which will energise the cells in your body.  We do not use table salt which only has 2 minerals (Sodium and Chloride).


Coconut Oil & Olive Oil

In all our cooking (hotpots, roasting vegetables) we use coconut oil which is a very stable oil, delicious natural and your body loves it (and it is good for losing weight).  We use olive oil for some of our dressings


Date Puree

Instead of white sugar we use our homemade date puree (a blend of dates and water) for sweetening any dishes.  This is a better natural way of sweetening.  Full of fibre and tastes great!

Our 2 stores

24 Wyndham St
33 Lorne St
Auckland Central, NZ

Mon - Thu, 9am - 7pm
Fri, 9am - 4pm
Closed Weekends/Holidays

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