Revive now supplying food service (cafes and restaurants) with bulk super-fresh nut butters!

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Revive now supplying food service (cafes and restaurants) with bulk super-fresh nut butters!

We are now supplying 4kg tubs of our incredibly delicious nut butters.  This is great for cafes and restaurants. They are made fresh to order so you will notice the difference. Available flavours: Peanut Butter Silky Smooth 4kg Peanut Butter Super Thick 4kg Cashew Butter Smooth 4kg Cashew Butter Chunky 4kg Almond...

The Best Vegan Camping & Hiking Foods in New Zealand

Venturing into the great outdoors is a thrilling escapade, but for the vegan wholefoods camper, meal planning can be a bit of a puzzle. But with a bit of creativity and some savvy packing, you can fuel your wilderness adventures with delicious and nourishing plant-based kai. From sunrise to sunset,...

NEW Hot Cross Bun Muesli

Savour the delights of a hot cross bun in your cereal!  Available for a limited time!

13 Ways Cashew Butter Will Transform Your Vegan Cooking!!!

Here are 13 different ways cashew butter will improve your cooking:  Click here to see the video on YouTube to make your mouth water!!! Make Cashew Milk. 🥛 Just blend 2 tablespoons with 1 litre of water and a little salt. Works out at around $1 per litre!!! Stir Through...

New Reusable Revive Super Sporks!

New re-useable Revive Sporks!!! We are transitioning from compostable to wooden cutlery with the new laws. ♻️But we realize many people do not like wood cutlery. So you can buy these awesome sporks at Revive instead and bring them back and reuse! 😍

10 Reasons Why Revive Cafe Is Possibly The Greenest Cafe In Auckland!

We believe in looking after our beautiful planet: Being vegan we use only plant based ingredients.  Compared to meat, plant foods require significantly less (possibly 100x less) land and water to grow.  We compost all of our food and cafe scraps and have a company that comes and commercially composts...

New Magic Mince!

We have new magic mince that is amazing. 🥰 It features in my cookbooks and we use it at the cafe in our hotspots mostly. It is a dried product and usually goes by the name of TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein).   Simply soak 1 cup of magic mince in...

Refreshed Pantry Range of Products!

I have been slowly adding some of my favourite ingredients to our on-line pantry rangeand think I now have a pretty cool range to show you.   I do not want to stock stuff that you can find easily at the supermarket. But want to have items available that I...

Nutritional Yeast is back in stock!!!

Great news: we FINALLY have nutritional yeast back in stock. 🥳 This ingredient give an amazing cheezy flavour to dishes. And it is also a critical ingredient in our bang bang stock powder. We have ordered heaps but have been told it will go meat likely go out of stock...

Revive Cafe comes to the rescue!!! 🦸‍♂️ There are 6 egg-like recipes in my latest cookbook that you can use to get your egg fix ... without using actual eggs! 

You may have noticed the absence of eggs at your local supermarket. 🥚🥚🥚 There are major shortages due to outlawing battery hen eggs (which is a good thing). There are a lot less chickens now and empty shelves. 🐓

New Cookbook Launch Just In Time For Christmas!

Revive Cafe's latest cookbook is officially launching Feb 2023, however the books arrived early so you can order now. Available to order from this site (free NZ non-rural shipping for orders $40 or more) or all good book sellers.

Wyndham St Cafe Reopens after COVID Shutdown - Mon 6 Dec!

Fantastic news ...We are back in the Wyndham St cafe from Monday (6 Dec) and look forward to seeing you with our delicious healthy food! (Note: Lorne St will not re-open until next year).New Opening Hours:- Mon-Thu 10:30am - 6:00pm- Fri 10:30am - 4:00pmWe have a great menu prepared -...

New RSBY Chups

Wow - these little snacks are the best ever. Almonds and coconut coated with maple syrup and raspberry.  Give them a go!!!

New CHKN Chups

Introducing our new CHKN Chups! 🐓 Crunchy almond & coconut chips with an all natural vegan chicken flavour. Great for snacking. And an awesome sprinkle for salads and meals. Very tasty and addictive. Try them out!

Relaunch of Office Catering

We have refreshed our catering range with our delicious salads and hot meals! You can have an awesomely delicious office lunch from just $10 per person (plus delivery).

New Reheat Meals & Hotpots!

Revive Deliciousness delivered to your home. Free Next-Day Shipping*. Pop in the fridge or freezer and re-heat at your leisure. Come in compostable packaging and you can order an optional courier bag to send back thermal wool blanket and ice packs to be reused.