7 Tips To Strengthen Your Immune System ūü¶†

7 Tips To Strengthen Your Immune System ūü¶†

Mon 16 March 20202 comments
(Note these are general lifestyle recommendations only, I am not a health professional. If you have any health issues or get sick you need to see a health professional and take note of official advice).

There are many ways to avoid viruses like COVID-19 with hand washing and watching your personal space.  But inevitably some people will get it (like any flu season). However you can prepare your immune system, so if you do get it, you only get mild symptoms that disappear quickly.
  1. Eat healthy. ¬†Avoid processed sugars, processed flours and dairy. ¬†Focus on whole-foods with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, plant powered proteins and healthy carbs. Eating at Revive or cooking from my cookbooks¬†is the smartest choice ūüėć. We only use plant powered ingredients, do not use white flour, deep frying or cane sugar. ¬†Processed sugar in particular can weaken your immune system. ¬†
  2. Get sleep.  Your body's immune system does a lot of work while you sleep. Make sure you get 7-8 hours quality sleep each night.  There are plenty of things I could recommend to help here, but the main ones are not eating late (ideally have your last meal at 6pm (and a light one with no hard to digest meat) so your body is not digesting while you sleep), no screen time 1 hour before you go to bed, and get to bed early.
  3. Supplements.  I am not a fan of continually supplementing, but there are times like this when it can help.  My 2 favourites are Vitamin C, which is awesome for immunity. And also Barley Grass - which is an awesome cleanser.  In times like this you may need a multi-vitamin to top up any minerals or vitamins you may be short of.
  4. Water.  This cleanses your body and makes all systems work well.  Lift your uptake during this period to even 2-3 litres per day.
  5. Quit. This is a great time to quit alcohol, coffee and smoking. These items put pressure on your immune system (not to mention long term effects).  Remember that long term, with all addictive substances, you do not enhance your energy.  They just permanently lower your energy and when you have them they just bring you temporarily up to normal.  I do not drink alcohol or coffee and I have just as much energy as someone who has just consumed these things, except I get to stay on the "high" 100% of the time (without the expense, hassle and side-effects)!
  6. Vigorous exercise.  While the air is still warm get out and exercise. In nature or parks is the best! Exercise has multiple benefits. It makes your lymphatic drainage system work harder (it only works with movement). You sweat out toxins. You breathe in fresh air for your lungs. Your outlook is improved with the surroundings. Your muscles are enhanced and you feel strong. And you will sleep better. Remember that 30 minutes of exercise a days means you need 30 minutes less sleep. So there is no such thing as no time for exercise. 
  7. Stay positive. Your mind is so important here and has a massive effect on your body. Do not dwell on the news headlines but be assured that your chance of dying from it is probably pretty near zero.  Do not stop doing the things that give you pleasure and enhance relationships. Just do them with more precautions.
Give some of those things a go and keep your body strong!

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