Don't Make SMART Goals, Make BRAVE Ones For 2020!

Don't Make SMART Goals, Make BRAVE Ones For 2020!

Jeremy Dixon
Welcome to 2020!  A wonderful fresh start. I love this time of year.  Here is some inspiration so you can make 2020 the best year of your life!!!

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Textbook SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound) ended up being just another uninspiring to do list for many people. While these sorts of disciplines do have merit, often it ends up just creating a more structured boring life. If you have not been having success, why not do it differently this year and try this ...

This year I challenge you to set a BRAVE goal for 2020.  

This is something that your friends may say "don't be stupid you can't do that" or "wow you are brave". Set a goal for 2020 that is so big and inspiring. Something that is wild and life changing. Not realistically attainable with your current small picture thinking.

Here are 3 life-changing questions to ask yourself before you set your BRAVE goal:

1. If you had $10 million given to you what would you do this year?
2. If you could achieve something and be guaranteed not fail what would you do this year?
3. If you were give just 1 year to live (with perfect health) what would you do with the next 365 days?

Go somewhere inspiring (eg, the park, the beach) without distractions and think on these questions deeply - write them out in a journal.  Review them for a couple of days (and add more as you go) then pick 1 finalist (the most BRAVE) and write it down. Or perhaps pick 2 or 3.

Then all you have to do is to write your BRAVE goals down on a piece of paper every morning.

That's right. Just write them down. Don't read them or type them, grab a pen and write it down.  On paper (and put it somewhere you look often) or even better a whiteboard in your office. Writing it down has amazing powers that joins neurostrands in your brain that will suddenly make you focus, solve any challenges, and take immediate action. You will find that when you write it out - you will suddenly come up with ideas to make it happen, or think of people or resources that could help you. And if you put it where other people can see it you can get ideas and assistance from others.
Of course before you do this you need to be in tip top healthy shape. You cannot make great life decisions and achieve great things without a healthy body and mind. If you wake up without energy, needing coffee too start the day, with disease and sickness it becomes very difficult to do these things.

Here are a handful of simple healthy changes you can make immediately that will have almost instant effect on your energy and wellbeing...

1. Drink 8 glasses of water per day.
2. Do half an hour exercise per day.
3. Get to bed half an hour earlier (and no screen time 1 hour before you go to bed).
4. Eat unprocessed plant based foods: Come to Revive if you work in Auckland central, or cook from my cookbooks!